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I mean, you already have a spear fragment for the boss fights. there really is no point in this one.
What... Why...?
So I had a ring of protection and favor for some time in my inventory and so after a farmed titanight chunks for an hour just befote fee ...

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Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild is a NPC in Dark Souls 3.

Daughter of Crystal Kriemhild



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I believe she's wearing the Fire Keepers' attire cause she "cherish the writhing, searing darkness" (Fire Keeper Gear disc.). The Untended Graves is surely a Dark place. She may not be blind, but may cherish the darkness all the same.


Honestly, fuck this parry spamming cunt.


Got invaded by her in Untended Graves, but was confused that when I killed her she didn't drop anything. Just now reading this I'm even more confused that after killing her in the grand archives she manages to invade.


When she parries you, it's actually pretty uncommon for her to riposte you. Most times, she parries and then casts a spell or something.


Yellowfinger Heysal lives! I think this npc invader is actually Yellowfinger reborn. Its odd that she drops nothing and is the only other npc to use Farron spells. In Yellow fingers description it hints at some sort of relationship between the Crystal Sages and her. Maybe she is the daughter of one of them or step-daughter at the very least.


I think the crystals are about Oceiros. She could be a student of his, or even a daughter.Or perhaps she's similar to the hybrids in the Duke's Archives from DS 1, experimented on.Either way, she's related to crystals, and probably not in the nicest way.She's wearing Fire Keeper's robes too. Could she be Gundyr's firekeeper?Maybe she's posing as such just to keep him there, because she wants the flame to die...Also her skin tone betrays Irithyllian nationality. She could be the Pontiff's student.

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